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03 January 2011 @ 07:16 pm
First Application / There is beauty in everything.  

Name: Cara
Age: 17
Location: England

About You
Three positive adjectives that describe you: Independent, imaginitive, non-judgemental.
Three negative adjectives that describe you: Cold, sarcastic, emotionally unstable.
Interests and Talents: Reading, writing, spending endless hours on the internet, fashion, drawing, weird things that interest no one but myself, obsessive list-making. I'd consider writing my talent.
Strong Points: I just see people as people and don't label them based on trivial things. Also, I like what I like regardless of whether it's cool or not, and just do what I want, really.
Weak Points: I'm terrified of letting people in, so I always cut myself off from people which ends up doing more harm than good. Also, complete lack of motivation and no sense of urgency whatsoever.
Likes: Spending time alone, getting lost in fictional worlds, television, finding out how people work, fashion, fantasising, reading something that describes feelings I never knew how to articulate, creating collages, making lists, clicking with someone new, baking, finding myself in bizarre and unexpected situations, reading, writing, singing even though I'm not particularly good at it, nail polish, my country, getting drunk and dancing, comfort food, beautiful places, beautiful people, nudity, absolutely all music, satirical comedy, train journeys, magazines, compliments.
Dislikes: Narrowmindedness, when people judge others based on trivial things, being too hot or too cold, feeling inexplicably awkward or self-conscious, mosquitoes, fear, hard work, any kind of housework, getting up early, being asked too many personal questions, sharing a room with other people, people making false judgements on me or trying to define who I am, sexism, racism, homophobia, logic, when people only like what they think they should like.

More About You
What are your dreams for the future? I don't know. I want to go to university, I want to write. But I don't really know what I want. I want to experience much more, I want become less fearful, I want to have a stable relationship.
What does Love mean to you? I could go on forever and it still wouldn't make any sense. I've been in love, but I'm not much wiser for it. I think being in love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own. You have to be selfless with love. I am quite a selfish person but love has taught me to be selfless with those I care for. Love and like do not necessarily go hand in hand, and love and hate can. I think you should 'follow your heart', but I don't because I'm too much of a coward. Relationships? I don't understand them. I don't work well with other people.
What is your view on relationships, friends, family etc: I am a loner. I'm quite antisocial, so I don't have very many close relationships, nor do I spend that much time with other people. But there are people that I love very much - my parents, my brother, my best friend, my first love - and I have learnt that forgiveness is the most important thing. I also think that, although it's hard, you have to learn not to take everything personally when it comes to relationships. We all have irrational feelings, and feelings are something we can't control. I don't think you can take other people's feelings personally, because they did not choose to have them. And you have to forgive, because nothing would ever work if you didn't - we are all so flawed and it's something we have to accept. If not you're just going to be unhappy in relationships.
What do you look for in your other half? I don't know, you never know who you're going to fall for. Someone that I am attracted to, someone I find interesting, someone who makes me feel happy and less alone, someone I can be myself with, someone who understands me, someone I care for and whom I want to protect, someone who I enjoy spending time with, someone who's strong (I think I need someone who is strong because I myself am too cowardly and afraid in relationships), someone who has endearing quirks.
If you could change one thing about you, what would it be? I would be less afraid to show who I am, to show my feelings etc.
Put in order from most important to least the following: Family, Friends, Success, Money, Sex, Love, Possessions, Freedom. Freedom, Love, Family, Friends, Sex, Success, Possessions, Money.
A quote/lyric/song/saying that's important to you? Do not let other people's perception of you define who you are.

Colour: Blue
Animal: Penguin
Season: Winter
Time of Day: I don't particularly like any time of day.

This or That
Brave or Coward: Coward
Night or Day: Night.
Determined or Accepting: Accepting
Accepting Fate or Choosing your own Destiny: Choosing your own destiny.
Home or Adventure: Both.
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Realistic.
Impulsive or think things through: Think things through.

What is your style in fashion? It changes. I like feeling like I'm in fancy dress.
Are you more girly or tomboy? Girly.
Which would you prefer to be? Blonde Bombshell, Brilliant Brunette or Fiery Redhead? I'm a brunette, that's fine with me. Though I would also love to be a redhead. (This isn't for what result, you want, is it? I don't mind which hair colour my result has!)

Anything Else☆ Thank you :)