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27 November 2009 @ 03:22 am
Beauty is perceptive.//Application.  

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Name: Lennox
Age: 17
Location: Home in Liverpool, living in Vancouver.

About You
Three positive adjectives that describe you: Calm, independent, deadpan.
Three negative adjectives that describe you: Stubborn, serious, quiet.
Interests and Talents Music, athletics, running, nature, baking, writing, reading.
Strong Points I'm quietly bold, and I quite like that.
Weak Points I'm silent unless I have something to say. Some people can take this as coldness, but it's simply because I'm afraid most of the time. Usually I don't talk for days, don't like to hear the sound of my own voice.
Likes Quiet, music, warmth, love, tea, writing, discussion.
Dislikes Ignorance, stupidity, unawareness.

More About You
What are your dreams for the future? I have none. I have no expectations so I can never be disappointed and continually amazed at life.
What does Love mean to you? Love means everything.
What is your view on relationships, friends, family etc Relationships are meant to be close and almost sacred.
What do you look for in your other half? A quiet intelligence, a protective front, and a decent stroke of freedom.
If you could change one thing about you, what would it be? I wouldn't. Faults build character.
Put in order from most important to least the following: Family, Friends, Success, Money, Sex, Love, Possessions, Freedom. Love, Freedom, family, friends, success, sex, money, possessions.
A quote/lyric/song/saying that's important to you? 'Convinced myself, I seek not to convince.' -Edgar Allen Poe

Colour Dark dark green, almost black.
Animal Platypus.
Season Winter.
Time of Day Night.

This or That
Brave or Coward Brave
Night or Day Night
Love or War War for Love.
Determined or Accepting Determined.
Accepting Fate or Choosing your own Destiny Choosing your own destiny.
Home or Adventure Having a home doesn't mean you can't have adventure.
Optimistic or Pessimistic Realistic.
Impulsive or think things through Think things through.

What is your style in fashion? I like to be able to move and run, to be free and not constricted, in what I'm wearing.I also like people to get an instant impression for what I represent and what I am x3
Are you more girly or tomboy Tomboy, with a girly gamine style sometimes. Most of the times I'm very tomboyish though.
Which would you prefer to be? Blonde Bombshell, Brilliant Brunette or Fiery Redhead? Brunette, but as far as choices go, I'm not colour-phobic xD

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